About me…

Gals Got Game | Vicki Bealman | 2018

“Living | Learning | Loving Life”

VBealman – 2019

Geography of my life…

From Mud Suck Holler, West Virginia, through Virginia, Vermont, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Ohio, and finally making it to my dream home in The Villages Florida, my journey of many miles includes many experiences, opportunities, and recreations.


“Education is the difference between an ordinary, and an extraordinary future.”

V. Bealman – 2010

A lover of learning, my educational journey has covered many topics, and until now, was motivated by income-earning opportunities. This Mobile Gaming Journey is to satisfy a passion of mine, for all things technological, and the creativity involved in mobile applications and gaming.

Professional experiences…

Profession refers to the career that one chooses, getting extensive training and acquiring special skills to become eligible for a job in it (Quora. 2019).

  • A career of professions, from Retail Management, Air Traffic Controller, CFO, Director of Accounting, and Stock Broker were fulfilling, but not anything I was “called” to do.

Vocation is the innate ability in an individual towards a particular occupation (Quora. 2019).

  • My vocation, or calling, is teaching, training, and creative endeavors. It is my goal to use the Mobile Gaming degree, to develop educational games and applications.

My Calling…

“This one I do for me!”

V. Bealman – 2019

Let’s Build Something Together…

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