Computer Science for Engineers

“Gals Got Game” | Vicki Bealman | 2019


This portfolio showcases various projects created throughout the course.

1st Android Studio Build

Programming TreasureHunter | September 10, 2019

Treasure Hunter Game | Vicki Bealman | September 12, 2019

Mastery Journal Reflection

This course was a complete surprise for me! The surprise was a positive one. After four previous degrees, my preconceived notions of what to expect overrode my desire to be completely open-minded.

The instructor, was by far the most responsive I have had the opportunity to experience. With every question or issue I had, which were several, his response was nearly immediate, effective, supportive, and motivated me to continue my journey.I have never learned so much in any one course during my entire academic journeys!

Learning Android Studio was a pure treat.

  • Java programming within Android Studio continued my learning of Object-Oriented programming, to include classes, methods, logic, attributes, and using resources for layout and aesthetics.
    • Without exaggeration, I spent nearly 20 hours weekly programming in Android Studio.

Algorithm Analysis kicked my butt.

Tower Of Hanoi PowerPoint | Full Sail University
  • I inadvertently reverted back to traditional math versus algorithmic concepts.
    • I am now working through some tutorials to brush up on algorithms for Mobile Gaming.

Research was enjoyable, as I have missed it from my prior academic endeavors.

My time-management was well planned and executed.

  • This was a result of previous academic coursework

The concepts in this course will likely thread throughout a majority of the remaining courses, as a base and beginning to more advanced concepts and applications.

Capstone Project
The Capstone Project is an accumulation of concepts and applications learned throughout the program. As a result, Android Studio, Java, Object-Oriented programming, and algorithms all will likely play a large part in my project. Algorithms especially will be integral, as developing and implement the step-by-step instructions to be implemented will require advanced knowledge and application of algorithms and game theory.

Let’s build something together.

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