Mobile Game Development 1

LaVinnia Ninja Cat Sprite; by Vicki Bealman 2020

During this course I continued developing my capstone project as designed in previous courses. The SCRUM Project Management Plan established in Trello was used to adhere to a development schedule.

At the end of MD1 I have an “alpha” of complete Level 1. From an academic standpoint, this course was “independent study,” in that my primary goals and assignments were self determined with the guidance of my mentor, Patrick Kelly.

In MD1, I added:

  1. UI Buttons (Pause, Restart, Main Menu, Information)
  2. Health Bar
  3. Level 1 platforms, enemies, coins
  4. Scoring (Coins, Points)
  5. Information Scene
  6. Upgraded Character Sprites


  1. Stay At Home Orders
  2. No peers to test game and features