Mobile Game Testing

The Mobile Game Testing Course focused on the testing of my mobile game. We addressed issues of quality assurance and detected program errors, bug fixes, and overall game improvement. I also learned to write analytical reports based on the testing strategies and tools utilize. Testing types and tools included functionality testing, environmental testing, performance testing, OTA testing, simulators, and mobile emulators.

In addition, Milestones Seven, Eight, and Nine were completed.

Milestone #7

In Milestone #7, I added the Parallax Background effect to all scenes. The parallax background gives players the impressions the action is in 3D, with the movement of the background elements moving at different speeds as the characters.

Splash Screens added
Pulsing START Button on Main Menu
Zombies relocated not behind Player
Player movement smoothed
Block Placement in Level 2 corrected
Elbow Room given Player

Milestone #8

In Milestone #8, I added Save Score, and the Leaderboard using dreamlo web database to store and sort data.

Milestone #9

In Milestone #9, I added the Accelerometer to my game. With the accelerometer, we make LaVinnia the Ninja Cat move using the real-world orientation of the phone. This is accomplished using the Input.acceleration scripting in C#.


During this month, the biggest obstacle I experienced was wiring up the dreamlo Leaderboard. In the end, I was making it more difficult than it really was. The code needed to be on the GameController script, then attached to the player. I was incorrectly attempting to put the code on the PlayerController script.