Storyboarding & Game Design


The Storyboard and Game Design Course focused on development of my mobile game design.

  • Game storyboards and scripts
  • Wireframes and mock-ups
  • Apply feedback to make improvements
    • Game Level Design
    • Game Environments
    • Character Development


  1. Revised Capstone Project from a Simulation to a Platformer Game.
  2. Recreated Mock-Up.
  3. Recreated Technical Design Document.
  4. Created UX UI Mockup.
  5. Created Prototype APK.


  1. Lack of Feedback
    • No Feedback or Grades during entire course.
  2. Unable to Create Prototype #2 due to lack of feedback Prototype #1.
  3. Unable to obtain specific and detailed requirements for Capstone/Program.
  4. Instructor of Record had no involvement in the course.
    • Was instructed that Advisor would be grading remainder of program (4 months)
    • Advisor had no FSO access to course.
  5. Too much confusion in program for who is responsible for each course and student.

Development Documents

User Interface Mockup Video

Sprite Sheet Created

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